The Whiskey Tour

Celebrating Irish Whiskey’s long heritage in Galway city. The Galway Whiskey Tour is about Irish culture and Irish whiskey and how both are intrinsic to one another. This isn’t a distillery tour, it isn’t a whiskey tasting lesson per se and it’s not a pub crawl. The Galway Whiskey Tour is an experience that looks at the motivating factors which caused the Irish to develop the most consumed spirit drink in the world, Whiskey! A short sight-seeing walk that highlights Galways history for once distilling the whiskey of choice for the British House of Commons is then followed by a whiskey tasting lesson and an insightful cultural explanation regarding the connection between Irish culture & Irish whiskey at a privately booked city center venue.

After the dizzying highs of been the number one spirit drink in the world for over 100 years, Irish whiskey tumbled from its perch and almost became extinct. Its name in the 1900’s had been tarnished by counter-fitters and bootleggers during American prohibition and banned from the British territories after Ireland won her freedom. Now like the phoenix from the ashes, Irish whiskey has taken flight again and it’s soaring.

Join me for an authentic grassroots Irish experience that is a celebration of Irish whiskey and Ireland in beautiful Galway city.

Spancil Hill: Originally a poem written by an Irish man named Michael Considine who emigrated from Spancil Hill, County Clare to California in 1823.  Michael left Ireland intending to make enough money to return home to County Clare and marry his sweetheart. Sadly Michael never made it home and wrote the poem Spancil Hill on his death bed.

Included in the tour is a selection of three Irish whiskey’s to taste. You’ll relax in a traditional, privately booked city center pub. There’ll be Irish music playing, and you’ll hear about the time’s of yore.

This is an over 18’s event and is wheelchair friendly. Special requests for large individual bookings are welcome. I can include additional extras such as; Live music, Irish dancing, food (appetizers & palate cleansers).

Rates: €20 per person, special rates apply for single group bookings. The tour’s are available Monday – Friday, recommended starting times are between 12pm & 5pm. The duration of the tour is circa one and a half hours.

We meet here at the Spanish Arch located opposite Dury’s hotel.