The Venue

As the Galway Whiskey Tour is about heritage, culture and whiskey, its only appropriate that the experience take place at a venue which has all these in abundance. Situated on Dominic Street the Aras na nGael is the home of the Galway Whiskey Tour. The tour was designed as a group activity of between 6 to 30 people. It is not your typical walking tour and in order to provide the experience it is sensitive to the number of attendees per booking. Tour’s of 1 to 5 people don’t cover costs and are therefore not feasible for me to conduct.

The venue, Aras na nGael, is an Irish cultural center that promotes Irish language and culture, the building itself dates back to the late 18th century. As part of the building a small, traditional Irish themed bar is located on the ground floor. It is here where participants get to sample Irish whiskey, listen to the Irish songs and have a jolly ol knees up as we relax and sample the spirit known to animate Irish men.

If its a genuine Irish experience you are looking for, then the Galway Whiskey Tour is for you. This is as Irish as Irish whiskey is.  Free from the P.C culture of other bland Irish whiskey activities, this is an original, unique experience hosted by me, Shane, a passionate Irishman who has immense pride in the trail blazers that came before him. The real risk takers! Not these Johnny come lately’s some of whom don’t even part-take in the Water of Life.

So, traditional venue with real heritage in the city to keep you warm and cozy, and maybe even keep the rain off your head. If its winter I’ll have the fire on and as the old saying goes; ‘My home is your home’, and I want you to feel at home during the whiskey tasting.

Once the tour has finished there’s an abundance of excellent restaurants near by should you wish to go for food when the Galway Whiskey Tour has finished.

So come with me on a journey of discovery. You’ll learn, laugh, and be merry!