Galway Whiskey Tour | Tour Info

The Galway Whiskey Tour sheds light on a fascinating time during Galway city's history for distilling Irish whiskey. The tour chronicles whiskey distillation in Galway city and the families responsible for distilling Irish whiskey during the late 1700's, 1800's and early 1900's. We aim to provide insight into life in Galway during this fascinating era. 

Irish whiskey was the most popular spirit drink globally and the whiskey distilled in Galway by the Persse family was the whiskey of choice for the British House of Commons.

During the 18th Century Ireland had 88 licensed distilleries, by the mid 1980's, Ireland had 2 operational distillers.

Why did Irish whiskey distillation have such a dramatic fall from grace?

What were the factors that led to Irish whiskey losing its dominance as the worlds preferred premium spirit drink?

 Learn the answers to these questions and more during our walking historical tour of whiskey distillation in Galway.

After we complete the walking tour we presume you'll be craving a sample of what is known in the Irish language as 'Uisce Beatha' or in English 'Water of Life'. 

The final part of our tour is a private whiskey tasting lesson at a renowned city center venue. The tour participant will part-take in sampling three premium, distinct Irish Whiskey's.